Experts of Natural Makeup Looks in Montreal

Makeup Artists from Anaivi Makeup are experts in making natural makeup looks.

Just by the Title, you must believe that we are full of ourselves. When you have a talent, you shouldn't be scared to claim it. We master the art of enhancing natural features without the need to hide one's face.

But what is a Natural makeup look?

Lets take a look at this example:


Believe it or not, yes she does!

This is a no makeup makeup look. The foundation is applied in such a way to to disrupt or change her skin texture. Her eyebrows is filled with the color of her brows. her lips is simply moisturized.

For some, this can be TOO natural. Which leads me to tell you that a natural makeup look depends on one's perception. We take the time to listen to our client and find the right level of makeup she is willing to have on her face.

Let's look at this second example:

This a natural makeup look with light eyeshadow. Yet, this can be seen as ''too much'' for some. There is a little bit of highlight under the eyes, small false lashes (you see, eyelashes can look pretty natural) and some blush to mimic the natural pink on her cheek.

Our last look is far from being natural, however, for someone who is used to wear a lot of makeup, this might be the look she is seeking for.

What do you think? is it a ''natural look''. I'd bet that 98% of people reading this would disagree with me. Thanks to this article, you now know what you mean when you want a natural makeup look.

I'll finish my article with this comment: No matter how much makeup you put on, there's no limit to your level of confidence.

Remember, if you want a natural makeup look that ressembles you, you'll make the right decision to call the experts of natural makeup looks in Montreal.

ox- J





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