How to depot makeup

You often see people opting for more compact makeup kits in order to save up on space in their bags. This isn't just for makeup artist professionals its also for regular people like us who want to have our favorite products in one container. Its the trend now and it is here to stay (but it may not be for everyone) but imagine having that super palette that contains your favorite products from different brands all rolled into one.

It does however take the novelty away by removing the packaging but it makes everything more convenient for use.

1. Get an Empty Palette

Pick your empty palette theres from Z palette, Nars, MAC, and so much more. Don't forget to get magnetic stickers to get them into the palette

Z Palette, $16

Z Palette Magnetic Stickers, $6

2. Prepare the materials for depotting

Alcohol method

This involves putting alcohol on the edges and lifting it up using a butter knife or a sharp object

2. Heat Method

This involves applying heat specifically to the bottom part of the packaging in order to lift the pan off.



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