Glitter on Eyes

A pinch of salt and a dash of pepper give eggs the perfect taste. This little add on really sets it apart from just regular rubbery and bland eggs. You could just tell if it was seasoned up or not. Same goes to the windows of our soul, the eyes!

A little dash of glitter on our eyelids won't hurt and it can turn the entire makeup look from boring and regular to a head-turning extravaganza. Here are makeup looks that do not disappoint. Eye pegs that definitely nailed the whole glitter on the eye look.

1. Just a hint

You can really just see a small amount of sparkle and it just brings the look to a whole new level. The gold sparkle definitely went well with the blue and orange hues. The brows really worked in her favor and framed it all up really well.

2. Colorful Glitters

It's not all about just basically patting it on and swiping the glitters after the matte eyeshadow it has to have the proper placement, size, and color too! To make a look fancy enough to dance around Rio De Janeiro festival.

3. Not-so-regular

4. Peek-a-boo

6.Cut Crease

7. Packed with Color

8. Peacock Magic

However you want your glitters to go around your eyes don't forget that the main thing that has to shine is you! So don't forget to bring it on when you pack it on with glitter!


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