INSTAGRAM is down but...

If you are like me, you probably woke up, went on instagram and waited for the page to load.. after 3 minutes loading, you looked at your internet connection '' it's probably the wifi messing with you.

After turning on your data, facebook instagram and whatsapp is not working.

This is probably the most unexpected event that could happen. Yes I am being dramatic. It is well known that people are hooked up on social media.

BUT I have a good news.

YOU CAN STILL BOOK YOUR Makeup with us through our website.

While many are used to book us through social media, we are not down!

Thanks to NOGAE SERVICES and ZEBOHOST who helped us with creating a website that would allow you to always be in contact with us.

Facebook, Instagram might be down but we are up to serve you!

Your phone is not acting up, stop trying to reload facebook ;)

Best Regards,

From your makeup artists


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