Acne, pimples, imperfections? Embrace them all !

Answering your emails, your Facebook messages, your calls… Should I present myself ?

Hi everyone ! I’m Johanny-Paulsen Tillus.

Yes, I am the Human Resource representative of Anaivi Makeup. I love answering your calls and replying to my Anaivi’s customer’s messages. It’s a pleasure for me and I actually love it. I have been doing this for almost 1 year and I embrace it.

Let’s talk about me for a few. I’m studying at Bishops university in Lennoxville in Global Management and Leadership. Fancy word to say Human Resources. I have plenty Human Resources classes and some marketing classes.

Today I’m writing about the previous blog which is “Flaws”. By the way, you should definitely go read it if you haven’t.

Today’s blog is about accepting your skin type. Yeaahhhhh… it sounds cliché ! I can hear you from here saying : She going to talk about how you should be comfortable with your imperfection, how you should embrace your flaws, how is it to accept our color, defects etc. …

No I won’t.

Since I was a young I had huge pimples. Nah you do not get it.. I had HUGE, TREMENDOUS, MASSIVE pimple! One day, I could have a pimple in my forehead and 2 days later another one under my cheeks. I was not complexes about it because It did not bother me as much. Nobody really judged me or criticized me. Of course I would prefer to have the perfect skin where I can take picture right in front of the sun and be like ‘’ouuuhhhhhh that melanin’ colour !”. But I did not, and I accept it.

I kept trying for many years. I tried Neutrogena. Did not work… My friend suggested trying potatoes. It works for a few days , but pimples came back on my face after 3-4 days. My cousin suggested Vichy. Yeah, the green bottle that cost almost $50 only for 50ml.. I’ve tried it. Aloes, Honey, Sugar, Lemon.. work for 4 days and then pimples came back. Now, I’m using coconut oil and that’s the only product that has worked. Every skin are different. You can take advice from others but what might work for me cannot work for you.

Of course, I cannot leave here without saying : you have to accept yourself as you are.

Pimple can make you feel uglier than others. Worse. Pimple can lower your self-confident.

You are too good-looking, elegant and charming. Remember that.

For my fellow beautiful women out there, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ! Trust me, I had, and still have the same struggle than you have. It takes time to discover which product actually work for you. Be patient, meanwhile ,embrace your face with or without the imperfection.

Johanny-Paulsen Tillus.


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