My First Albino Model

Through my straight face, you cannot see the stress that I have. Facing this gorgeous lady, with pale skin, pink lips and light eyebrows. Meet Geraldine, my first Albino Model.

Believe it or not, it is the first time that I meet/see an albino woman, let alone, do her makeup. 

I start by asking her name, how old she is and if she has had her makeup done before. 

By looking at her face, I know exactly what kind of makeup I want to makeup. Something soft, smooth. I don't want to hide what makes her unique. I don't want to give her a tan, change her eyebrow color, I just want people to notice how gorgeous she is. 

I go for something simple, light brown eyebrows. Pink eyeshadow blended with beige.  Overdrawn lips that fades towards the centre. No eyelashes. I like, the model likes, but the photographer wants something different.

I still have to respect the photographer's desire for something artistic. He wants a look people will remember, a look that is not common, without being all over the top. 

This makeup is one of my favorite. I have to pains the lashes while doing her makeup. change her eyebrows color, without it looking wierd.  Here's the result:


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