Why would I choose Anaivi Makeup Brushes?

There are so many different brushes available on the market, why would you choose Anaivi Makeup brushes instead of any other brand?

What makes those brushes so Unique?

You've probably been in cosmetics stores where they sell either individual brushes, or sets with brushes YOU KNOW that you won't use. Companies usually separate foundation brushes from face powder brushes which makes the set incomplete and forces you to buy two sets.

Here are 5 reasons why Anaivi Makeup brushes : ''Face Edition'' is unique :

1. It a COMPLETE set: There are 4 brushes for a flawless application

- Flat Kabuki Brush aka Foundation Brush

This brush is used to apply your foundation. The density is perfect to create a buffed foundation application which gives a airbrush finish.

- Tapered Kabuki Brush aka Concealer Brush

This brush has the shape of a beauty blender and is created to access the under eye areas of the face. The excess foundation is absorbed in the middle and leaves a smooth application.

- Angular Kabuki Brush aka Contour brush

This brush is perfect to create a sharp contour. The whistles are dense and not to angular. It helps blend the product well into the skin.

- Tapered Face Brush aka Powder Brush

This brush has the shape of an egg in order to reach all the eras of the face. The density and soft whistles makes the transfer of powder to the skin smooth.

2. All the makeup brushes were designed and tested by Anaivi Co-founders. The size, color were carefully chosen to fit the Elegant look of our clients.

3. The brushes are affordable; not too cheap to jeopardize the quality of the brushes, not to expensive which would hurt your pocket. Our Brushes are available worldwide which makes it even more advantageous for countries where the currency is higher. Unlike many other website, we won't change the price of the product based on your location. *If you don't see your country, feel free to contact us.

4. Our brushes are assembled and designed in Canada, are cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

5. Our brushes are user friendly. We created tutorials in order to show you how to properly used them.

Anaivi Makeup brushes are available at www.anaivimakeup.com/shop


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