Student discount at Jean Coutu

I had on my heart to have a segment on my blog where I announce discounts and sales that are really worth it. Why not help my people (yes I a am talking about you!).

So if you are a student and you are in Sherbrooke (Sorry to my people living in Montreal). You can get 10% off everything you buy : YES this include foundation, power ... EVERYTHING!!!! NYX products, Maybeline, Loreal. I know it just remove the taxes, but it's worth it when you buy a lot of makeup and let's face it, it's still makeup that you are saving :)

They don't advertise it but they know the promotion is there, you just have to show your student ID and VOILA :)

This is the adress where you can get it, Yes I've tried it before I wrote about it : 147 Queen St, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1J7

What do you think about this segment ''DON'T MISS IT''? Should I include more articles that announce REAL discounts on makeup products?

Send me an email if you found online deals that people should know about! We will just advertise deals that are REALLY REALLY Worth it!

Jenny-Paola Tillus

Co-founder of ANAIVI


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